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Sports Needs Mo Guys Like Him

By Matt DeMazza

Finding detestable athletes these days is far too easy. So easy, in fact, that I'm not going to mention a single one of these asshats in this little story; I'm sure you could all rattle
off dozens of athletes-behaving-badly stories.

But if you pay enough attention, you'll see that there are also some pretty good guys on our playing fields. Case in point: former baseball player Mo Vaughn. In a nutshell, the former slugger and his business partner, Eugene Schneur, are  spending $21 million to buy a crime-plagued housing unit in Brooklyn's Brownsville section. Vaughn and Schneur plan to spend another $20 million to $23 million on renovations and security upgrades, too.

And this isn't the first time Vaughn and Schneur have done this. From the article in the New York Post:

Vaughn and Schneur's company, OMNI New York, has already bought and rehabilitated 1,200 units of distressed housing in the metropolitan area, including three projects in The Bronx and another in Brooklyn's East New York. See? Athletes aren't all bad.