Omni New York focuses on the social aspect of the revitalization
of the neighborhood by partnering with the community.

Baisley Park Gardens, NY
Forestvale, MA
Plaza Residences, NY
West Village, NY
Florence Apartments, MA
Remeeder Houses, NY
Maria Lopez Plaza, NY
Wesley Hall Apartments, NY

About Us

Omni New York LLC ("ONY") is a real estate development company that was founded by Maurice "Mo" Vaughn and Eugene Schneur for the purpose of bringing revitalization and development to various neighborhoods in New York and other states.

ONY focuses not only on the real estate aspect of revitalization and development, but also on the social aspect of the revitalization of the neighborhood by partnering with community and neighborhood groups to provide social services to the community, such as after school programs for children as well as skill building seminars and classes for adults. On the real estate development side, ONY is providing quality, well managed affordable housing in neighborhoods that have historically had a shortage of such affordable housing.

Since December 2004, ONY has acquired and has either rehabilitated or is in the process of rehabilitating 7,289 units of affordable housing in New York state. ONY has also completed the construction of 41 new units of affordable housing in Seneca County, New York and 176 new units are currently under construction in Bronx, NY.

Latest News

Outside of New York State, through ONY's affiliate Omni America LLC, the company owns 5,219 units of affordable housing throughout the United States.

  • 94 units in Wyoming
  • 558 units in Massachusetts
  • 772 units in Georgia
  • 964 units in North Carolina
  • 750 units in South Carolina
  • 1,262 units in Virginia
  • 61 units in Florida
  • 506 units in Maryland
  • 252 units in New Jersey

Going Green

Since 2007, ONY and Omni America have rehabilitated their properties in an energy-efficient manner by enrolling its projects in the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Multifamily Performance Program, the National Grid Low Income Gas Efficiency Program, the Weatherization Assistance Program, the Con Edison Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, the Con Edison Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management Program, the Enterprise Green Communities Program, the Bay State Partners in Energy Program, and the NSTAR Electric Residential Multifamily Assessment Program. By meeting, and often times exceeding these program standards ONY and Omni America have created 24 energy efficient properties comprising over 6,200 units. Typical upgrades include replacement of old, inefficient boilers with high efficiency (98%) condensing boilers and indirect water heaters; installation of energy efficient lighting; replacing elevator motors with efficient models; upgrading refrigerators with energy star models; installing low-e argon filled windows; installing low-flow showerheads and sink aerators; and adding energy management systems.

Additionally ONY converted the heating systems at three properties from electric to gas, which creates a more energy efficient and comfortable environment for tenants in over 2,100 units. ONY is also working to reduce its use of fossil fuels by using renewable energy created by solar panels at a new construction development in the Bronx which is being built to LEED Silver standards. This LEED Silver building will have a green roof and a microturbine cogeneration unit, which will allow the development to produce enough electricity to power the common areas and heat the domestic hot water. By undertaking these measures, ONY and Omni America have seized the opportunity to reduce greenhouse emissions while at the same time reducing energy costs, and thereby providing quality affordable housing that is also energy efficient.

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